Love what you drive or your money back.

Why shouldn't you be able to return your car for your money back?

ZenBuy 7-Day Moneyback Guarantee

How Does ZenBuy Work?


Get your ZenBuy guarantee from one of our dealer or inspection partners


Contact us within 7 days of your purchase to return your car for your money back

Confirm no new damage to the car, return your car, and get your money back



Alex Bezdek

ZenBuy Founder


We started this business with one central question:  why can you only get a moneyback guarantee from huge dealerships?


Consumers expect to be able to get their money back, if they are not completely satisfied.  If the mega dealers can offer this, how can we make this more accessible across the used car market?

So we created ZenBuy to empower our partners who don't have the resources to fund and manage their own return program.  We only work with dealers we know and trust are selling high quality vehicles.

We are led by founder Alex Bezdek, a second time automotive entrepreneur.

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